Wake Park Mafia

Welcome to the Wake Park Mafia

Wake Park Mafia is Australian owned and run, by Wakeboarders FOR Wakeboarders!

Created by two best mates, Jezz and Dave wanted to give back to the sport which has given us so many awesome times over the years. Part of this is, sponsoring new talent. This is very important to us as these kids are the future of Wakeboarding. So we're happy to welcome our current team and looking forward to adding more Australian riders in the future.

It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned pro or a grom just starting to ride… Wake Park Mafia is solely dedicated to wrapping souls in the best Wakeboarding apparel.

Wake Park Mafia has been formed from a passion for park riding and boat riding alike, spending time at the cable or in the boat with all our mates, pumping up whoever is out riding to try that next trick! If it's a Surface Front 180 or a Batwing to Blind the feeling is always the same…"SO STOKED".

Wakeboarding isn't just an Extreme sport but a way of life. And we're here to promote and help continue the massive growth and progression of the sport in Australia and Worldwide.

So in saying all that, when you see crew wearing Wake Park Mafia clothing or repping our gear you know they also share the love for Wakeboarding and are part of the WAKE PARK MAFIA FAMILY!

Hope to see you on the water!
Jezz and Dave @ Wake Park Mafia